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Do you wish to have a brilliant white smile but your teeth are discolored from the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or nicotine? We help you.  Smileforever is an expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Our trained qualified personnel have applied the bleaching technique for many years. As it is extremely gently and has proven to work well, it provides our patients with a natural beautiful smile.

Why do teeth become darker?

The color of the teeth darkens over time. This process is caused by the deposition of color pigments in the interior of the teeth. The color particles are degradation products of the metabolism. Besides a natural discoloration, the consumption of certain food contributes to the discoloration of the teeth.

Bleaching as a method of whitening

Bleaching is a tooth-friendly and gentle method in order to bleach darkened or discolored teeth which have been proven over many years.  Both vital teeth can be bleached safely as well as non-vital teeth (root canal treated) without any long-term damage and without any loss of substance.

In contrast to home-bleaching where several applications are necessary due to a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, In-office bleaching offers you many advantages at the dentist.  


The bleaching at smileforever is performed in a single treatment session which lasts approximately two hours. It takes place under the supervision of our trained specialists. They make sure that the bleaching is to be carried out in an adequate way and answers all your questions beforehand.  If required, individual tooth areas can be omitted. If you should have dentures that can’t be bleached we will match the bleaching to the color of the dentures in order to have an aesthetically coherent overall picture. With this treatment an above average bleaching of the teeth can be achieved.


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