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Daily tooth brushing and the use of dental floss are indispensable in order to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. A regular prophylaxis - consisting of a professional tooth cleaning with thorough cleaning of all areas of the teeth and surrounding tissue - is another important prerequisite for a lifelong preservation of your teeth because it ultimately protects you teeth from caries and periodontitis.

Professional cleaning

We place great importance on an intensive and professional oral hygiene treatment of our patient. At smileforever you will be supervised and advised by qualified and experienced dental hygienists.  They explain you all steps regarding prophylaxis and tooth cleaning and advice you if you have any questions relating to the right cleaning method or problems when using dental floss. Moreover they give you useful tips concerning nutrition.

Tooth cleaning protects teeth

Regular and professional tooth cleaning with thorough cleaning of all areas of the teeth and surrounding tissue is the requirement for a lifelong preservation of your teeth and ensures the lasting success of dental treatment.

This individual prophylaxis (prophylactic examination) enhances the quality of life and comfort because it provides optimal protection against caries and periodontitis.

Tooth cleaning in case of dental fear

You are also welcome to do a professional tooth cleaning and prophylaxis at our dental office, if you suffer from dental fear. Within a non-binding consultation we take plenty of time to respond to your desires and fears.


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