Tooth Extraction

There are multiple reasons for the extraction of a tooth that results from individual situations of your teeth. Independent of whether a tooth has to be extracted, an exact diagnosis and planning is necessary both from a dental point of view and an orthodontic point of view also with regard to possible dentures. Smileforever offers you comprehensive expert knowledge and 25 years of professional experience. The extraction of a tooth will always be the last option at smileforever. Only in cases where tooth-preserving measures are not effective any more or if no other alternatives exist due to a lack of space in the jaw, then a tooth extraction is carried out.

Possible reasons for an extraction

  • Excessive caries
  • Chronic inflammation of the dental nerve which effects also the bone
  • Advanced periodontitis (diseases of the periodontium)
  • Jaw cysts
  • Tooth fracture
  • Lack of space in the jaws
  • Shifting of a tooth which cannot be resolved through orthodontic measures

Procedure of the tooth extraction 

Before the tooth extraction takes place, the affected tooth is made insensitive to pain under local anesthesia. With the aid of special instruments the dentist loosens the tooth and removes it. The wound is disinfected and heals within one month.

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