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The requirements of dentures are high nowadays. It should be functional, well tolerated, aesthetically attractive and long-lasting. Smileforever will be glad to help you if you wish a high-quality equivalent to your natural teeth. We are experienced in the field of full ceramic tooth replacement and work with the latest medical and technical methods. Entrust us your smile.

Conventional denture

No matter whether crowns, inlays or onlays - Dentures are available in a range of materials: metal alloys, plastic or a metal ceramic mix. The common thing of these materials is that they enable stable and durable dental restorations, but the metal content often leads to allergies and through grinding the tooth will be affected. The biggest problem is the aesthetic. Denture made of metal and metal alloys are to be distinguished from natural teeth at first sight and even denture made of plastic is regarded as unattractive.

What is full ceramic tooth replacement?

Denture made of pressable ceramics captivates through several types: The material has a very high biocompatibility, is well tolerated by the human body and does not cause any allergies. Moreover it captivates with its attractive appearance. They are nearly like natural teeth because light goes through partly and sometimes light reflects partly. Denture made of ceramic protects the tooth substance due to its metal free design and mechanical holding elements have to be grinded into the tooth. The denture is directly linked with the tooth due to special glue which on the other hand stabilizes it. Moreover the material is very resistant. On the one hand it is suitable for Veneers and Inlays in supplying medium sized occlusal surfaces or contact point caries. On the other hand onlays are used highly successful in supplying extensive occlusal surfaces and also dental crowns which are made completely of ceramic.


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