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Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère, Zahnarzt München, smileforever

Dr. med. dent. Martin Desmyttère M.Sc. M.Sc.

Over 25 years of experience in dentistry

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 The most modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

Particularly in the last few years significant progress has been made in the fields of dentistry.  Smileforever wants to share these developments with its patients. We perform treatments according to the latest medical, technical and aesthetic methods. Due to ongoing training and continuing education we can guarantee a comprehensive professional treatment.

Our treatments offer you the following in detail

  • Latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods
  • 3-D-Radiographs
  • Most advanced technical methods
  • High-quality materials
  • Latest methods for bleaching and tooth cleaning;

Consulting and Diagnostics

Beratung und Diagnostik, Allgemeine Zahnheilkunde, Dr. Desmyttère, Zahnarzt München

The success of this treatment depends on mutual trust between patient and medical staff therefore we take plenty of time to the needs and issues of our patients. After a detailed conversation in the consultation room and a comprehensive diagnostic, a precise planning of the treatment will be created and discussed with the patient down to the last detail. 

The treatment can only be successful if an intensive communication takes place between doctor and patient. To do this we use:

  • Dental loupe – Without a dental loupe there is no precise diagnostic and treatment possible
  • Intraoral camera – Patient can see immediately if a treatment is necessary
  • Diagnostic of bacteria – specific germ reduction and specific caries and periodontitis therapy are essential
  • Digital X-ray – X-ray diagnosis enables an immediate image representation and the crucial factor is that it has 90% less radiation exposure.
  • KaVo 3D EXAM - With this device a three-dimensional presentation of the jaw area is achieved and ensures perfect safety for patients.
  • Microscope – Highest precision is achieved regarding the treatment of osteoporosis, root canal treatments, and preparation of vital teeth.
  • Laser – Laser is used to reduce germs specifically during root canal treatments and surgical operations.
  • Simplant – With this interactive navigation software the treatment results can be predicted more precisely by using implants.

Amalgam removal

An amalgam dental filling is not only aesthetically unattractive but involves also many risks. That’s why an increasing number of patients undergo an amalgam removal. If you have amalgam filling that is unattractive and harmful to your health which you want to exchange for aesthetically appealing and harmless fillings please contact smileforever. We have a long experience in the exchange of amalgam fillings.

Why is amalgam removal useful?

By chewing or contact with sour or hot food, mercury which is a highly toxic substance leaks out the filling and accumulates in liver, kidney and intestine.  But also via the tooth, mercury can enter the organism. This can lead to the following symptoms such as headache, fibrillation or disturbances in liver function and kidney function.

If you wish you can "sleep through" your removal of amalgam fillings. Let us advice you with our possibilities to carry out the treatment with sedation or general anesthesia.


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