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Do you suffer from bleeding gums, tooth loosening and do you have swollen red gums or does your gum recede?

The causes of a periodontal disease are complex but the disease can be healed. We help you!

After an extensive training and further education in the fields of periodontitis, gum diseases, diseases of the periodontal apparatus and bone tissue in more than two decades, smileforever is one of the leading specialists in this area. We provide you with the latest therapy solutions at the highest stage.

Causes for periodontitis

Bacteria are mainly responsible for a periodontitis. They nest in your gingival pocket and on the tooth surface and do their worst. If bacteria are not removed on a regular basis through prophylaxis and dental hygiene, periodontitits may occur. Gingivitis and bleeding gums are the symptoms. For the treatment of periodontitis there are two possibilities:

Periodontitis therapy

During the first stage of the therapy we set up a professional teeth cleaning and a deep cleaning. In this process the surface on tooth root are cleaned and soft and hard plaque is removed under the gums. Due to the bacteria dental calculus so called concretion can be formed under the gum surface. If the calculus is removed, the surface of the root is smoothened in order to prevent a new accumulation of bacteria. Our patients receive detailed information and instructions on oral hygiene in order to keep the number of bacteria to a minimum.

Periodontal surgery

If the periodontitis continues to exist despite of the steps that have been performed before, then a periodontal surgery is necessary. In advanced cases with bone deterioration we use gentle and modern methods to regenerate tissue and bone augmentation. We make sure that your gums are getting healthy free of bleeding. We treat the problems related to periodontitis for example by means of proteins which are applied on the tooth surface in the context of a micro surgical operation. Even exposed tooth necks and very long teeth with healthy gums can be covered by this method.


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